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1. 充满be full of, be filled with, be flooded with, becrowded with

2. 区分  distinguish/tell A from B

3. 亲自  personally, in person

4. 只有  only, nobody/nothing but

5. 出版  come out, be published

6. 尤其  particularly, in particular

7. 锻炼  exercise, work out

8. 谋生  make/earn a living

9. 代表represent, stand for, (be) on behalf of

10. 结合  combine, mix sth up

11. 前进  advance, move forward

12. 舒适  comfortable, at ease

13. 十年  decade, ten years

14. 两周  fortnight, two weeks

15. 二十  score, twenty

16. 十二  dozen, twelve

17. 成人  adult, grown-up

18. 删除  delete, cut out

19. 下降,减少decline, come/go down, drop, fall, decrease, reduce

20. 移走  remove, take away

21. 吸收  absorb, take in

22. 与...一致  agree /be consistent /correspond with

23. 把...分开  break sth apart, split/divide/separate sth

24. 用...替换  replace. . .with, use. . .as an alternative to. . .

25. 回答  answer, reply to

26. 收割  harvest, gather,get in

27. 抵制boycott, refuse to accept, resist,reject

28. 与...相反/对立contradict, be opposite to

29. 代替  replace, take the place of

30. 背诵  recite, learn. . .by heart

31. 害怕  fear, be afraid/scared of

32. 退(学)  quit, drop out of (school)

33. 推迟  delay, postpone, put off

34. 去拿来  fetch, go and bring back

35. 相匹配  match, go with

36. 精力充沛  energetic, full of energy

37. 少数a minority of, a small number of

38. 打扰cause trouble to, bother,disturb

39. 描述  describe, give a description of

40. 后来  afterwards, after that, later on

41. 缺席  be absent from, be not present at

42. 目前  nowadays, at present,at the present time

43. 宣布  announce/declare sth, make sth known to the public

44. 重要count, matter, be important, be of importance,significant,vital,crucial

45. 担心worry about, be concerned /anxious about

46. 提到  mention, refer to, talk about/of

47. 偶然地  incidentally, accidentally, bychance/accident/coincidence,casually,   occasionally

48. 展览  on show/display/exhibition

49. 勇敢(去做)be brave to,have courage to

50. 违法的  illegal, not legal, against the law

51. 满足需要  cater to/meet/satisfy the need

52. 放弃  abandon, go away from, leave,give up

53. 信任,信赖  trust, believe, have confidence/faith in

54. 在农村/城市  in the countryside/city, rural/urban areas

55. 劝某人做  advise sb to do, try to persuade sb to do

56. 取消  cancel, call off

57. 劝某人不要做  discourage sb from doing, persuade sb not to do取消

58. 除·······之外besides, as well as, in addition to, apart from

59. 制订计划make a plan, work out a plan, draw up a plan

60. 逃跑escape, run away

61. 开始存在appear, come into being, come into existence

62. 进入enter, come/go into

63. 防...止疾病protect. . .from sickness, avoid/prevent sickness

64. 用完某物run out of sth, lack sth, sth run out, sth be used up

65. 方式,方法way, solution, approach, method, means

66. 情况良好in (a) good condition, in a good state/situation

67. 置若罔闻turn a deaf ear to, refuse to listen to

68. 高兴起来cheer up, become happy

69. 全世界all over/around the world, worldwide, globally, internationally

70. 重力gravity, the pull of the earth

71. 算出calculate, figure out

72. 与·······不同differ from, be different from, vary from. . .to. ..

73. 乱七八糟in a mess,in disorder

74. 气喘吁吁breathless,out of breath

75. 做出决定determine, decide, make a decision

76. 对······有害do harm to, be harmful to

77. 相似,相像resemble, be like, be similar to

78. 低语,耳语whisper, speak in a low voice

79. 寻找,追求seek, look/search/hunt for

80. 茫然,困惑at a loss, puzzled/confused

81. 取笑,逗弄tease, make fun of, laugh at, amuse

82. 提高,改善improve, make/become better

83. 庆祝celebrate, hold a celebration

84. 长胖put on/gain weight, grow fat

85. 熟悉know. . .well, be familiar with

86. 处理handle, settle, deal with, cope with

87. 到处everywhere, here and there

88. 加速accelerate, speed up, quicken

89. 值得,应得deserve sth, be worthy of sth, be worth doing sth

90. 保证,确保ensure, guarantee, make sure/certain

91. 把某物分配给某人allocate sth to sb, divide sth among sb

92. 一年一次的annual, yearly, every year

93. 可进入, 可接近的be accessible,be easy to enter/reach/use

94. 使能做某事enable sb to do, make sb able to do

95. 宁做A不做B do A rather than (doing) B, do A instead of (doing) B

96. 出国go abroad, go to a foreign country

97. 控告accuse sb of sth, charge sb with sth

98. 成功做某事manage to do sth, succeed in doing sth

99. 突然笑/哭起来burst into laughter/tears, burst outlaughing/crying

100. 不理,忽视ignore, overlook, pay no attention to

101. 挨饿,饿死starve, go hungry, die from hunger

102. 充当;起······的作用act as, serve as

103. 榜样model, example

104. 怒视glare at, look at sth angrily

105. 平静的calm, not excited

106. 抽象的abstract, not specific

107. 积极的active, not passive

108. 残酷地cruelly, without mercy, mercilessly

109. 复杂的complicated, not simple, complex

110. 人造的artificial, man-made

111. 故意地deliberately, on purpose, purposely

112. 再一次again, once more, once again, over and over again

113. 独自地alone, by oneself

114. 有危险in danger, at risk

115. 占...比例account for, make up

116. 青少年adolescent, teenager

117. 看医生go to see/consult a doctor

118. 更喜欢prefer sth, like sth better

119. 使生气annoy sb, make sb angry

120. 报道此事cover/report the event

121. 影响交通hold up/block traffic

122. 澄清,阐明clarify, make sth clear

123. 可得到的be available, be easily got

124. 吸引某人interest/attract/draw sb, appeal to sb, catch sb’s eye/attention

125. 无论如何anyhow, in any way

126. 在·······后面behind, at the back of

127. 无论什么whatever, no matter what

128. 使某人高兴cheer sb up, make sb happy

129. 雇用某人employ/hire sb,take sb on

130. 受欢迎的be popular with, be well received (by...)

131. 得出结论conclude, draw a conclusion

132. 弄明白figure out, find out

133. 试验try out, test, experiment (on /with)

134. 反对be against, oppose, object to, disagree with, disapprove of

135. 认为think/believe that, hold the view that, argue/claim that

136. 做报告give a presentation /talk/speech

137. 辍学,退学drop out of/leave school

138. 优于,胜过have the advantage over, have the edge over, be better than

139. 对某人生气get angry with sb, get cross with sb, be annoyed with sb

140. 有机会使用/做have access to sth, have the chance of doing sth

141. 对·····全然不知be in the dark about, know nothing about

142. 告诉某人某事tell sb sth, inform sb of sth, keep sb informed of sth

143. 致力于apply/bend/commit/devote oneself to, be bent/committed/devoted to

144. 旨在做aim/be aimed at doing, be designed/intended to do, be meant to do sth

145. 老年人old people, the old, senior citizens, the aged, the elderly

146. 聪明的clever, bright, wise, smart

147. 因某事感激某人thank sb for sth; be thankful to sb for sth; be grateful to sb for sth;express one’s gratitude to sb for sth;appreciate sth

148. 参加(活动/比赛)join in; take part ingo in for; participate in; get involved in; compete in

149. 吸引某人attract sb; draw sb appeal to sb; have a strong appeal to sb

150. 喜欢,爱好like; love; enjoy; be interested in; be fond of; have a bent for; have anamazing appetite for; be keen on/about; be drunk with; be crazy about; beaddicted to; be bent on

151. 有利于,有助于be good for; do good to be beneficial to;contribute to

152. 即将到来be coming soon be approaching; be around the comer

153. 记住某事remember sth keep sth in mind;bear sth in mind

154. 相信,认为be sure that....; think/believe that...; hold the firm belief that. . . ;beconvinced that. . .;have the confidence that...

155. 帮助某人help/aid/assist sb; give sb a hand; do sb a favor

156. 考虑某事think about sth; consider sth; take sth into consideration/account

157. 期望做某事expect/want to do sth; look forward to doing sth; can’t wait to do sth;desire/long to do sth

158. 全神贯注于focus on;put one’s heart into; concentrate on; be absorbed in; be devotedto

159. 影响affect; have an effect/influence/impact on

160. 拒绝refuse; reject;turn down; decline (谢绝);say no to

161. 尊敬,尊重respect; show respect for; look up to; admire

162. 使用,利用use; employ; make use of; take advantage of; make the best of

163. 参观visit; pay a visit to; go to. . .for a visit

164. 发生happen; occur; hit /strike sp. ;take place; come about

165. 想到sb think of sth; sth occur to/strike sb; sb come up with sth

166. 建议suggest that. . . ; advise that. . .; put forward the suggestion that. . .; recommend that. . .

167. 促成;导致cause; contribute to; lead to; result in; bring about

168. 提高improve; raise; increase; promote; strengthen

169. 把时间用于spend time (in) doing sth/on sth ; devote all one’s time to doing sth

170. 向某人道歉apologize to sb; say sorry to sb; make an apology to sb

171. 决心做某事decide to do sth; determine/be determined to do sth; make up one's mind todo sth

172. 位于be in; lie in. . .; be located in; be situated in. . .

173. 知道,意识到know; realize; be aware of/that; be conscious of; come to realize

174. 同意某人的观点agree with sb; share the same idea with sb

175. 重视,关注value; pay attention to; take sth seriously; attach great importance to;laystress on

176. 试图做某事. 尽力做某事try to do sth; try one's best to do sth;attempt/seek to do sth; make an attempt to do sth; spare no efforts to dosth;make every effort to do sth

177. 对······满意be satisfied with; express one’s satisfaction with

178. 对某人生气be angry with sb;be annoyed with sb; be cross with sb

179. 忙于···be busy with;beoccupied with; bury oneself in

180. 由···组成be made up of; consist of; be composed of

181. 擅长做···,精通,熟悉be good at; be skilled at/in; be expert in; do wellin; have a good command/knowledge of; be familiar/acquainted with

182. 适当的,适合的be fit for; be suitable for; be appropriate for

183. 一···就... on doing; immediately, directly, instantly; the moment, the minute, thesecond, the instant; as soon as,no sooner. . .than, hardly/scarcely. . .when

184. 因···而著名be famous for; be well-known for; be noted for;becelebrated for

185. 习惯于(做)某事be used to (doing) sth; be accustomed to (doing) sth

186. 重要的important; essential; significant; vital; crucial; ofimportance/significance

187. 富裕的rich; wealthy; well-off; well-to-do

188. 许多的many; much; a lot of; lots of; plenty of; numerous; a large number of; alarge quantity of; a large amount of

189. 累的;精疲力竭的be tired; be worn out; be exhausted

190. 有时sometimes;once in a while; occasionally; at times; now and then; from timeto time

191. 立即;马上immediately; without hesitation;without delay

192. 事实上in fact; in reality; as a matter of fact;in practice;in effect

193. 越来越多的more and more; an increasing/a growing number of

194. 取得,赢得get; win; gain; obtain; attain; acquire; earn

195. 实现(目标)realize; reach; accomplish; achieve; attain

196. 赞成,同意agree with; approve of; be in favor of; stand by one's side

197. 当前, 目前now; nowadays; at present;presently; at the presenttime

198. 缺点,不利条件shortcoming; weak point;weakness; disadvantage; drawback

199. 成功,成就success; accomplishment; achievement

200. 除···之外(,还)besides; apart from; in addition to; along with

201. 优秀的good; excellent; outstanding; distinguished

202. 需要need; call for; require; demand; be in need of

203. 与···相联系 be related to; be relevant to; be linked to; beconnected with

204. 因为because of;on account of; due to; owing to; thanks to; for the reason that

205. 表达express; convey

206. 养成;培养develop; train; foster; cultivate

207. 指望depend on; rely on; count on

208. 应该should; be supposed to

209. 富于be rich in; be abundant in

210. 厌倦 be tired of; be bored with; be fed up with

211. 普通的ordinary; common; average

212. 严重的serious; severe

213. 各种 all/different kinds/types of; a variety of; varieties of; a (wide) rangeof

214. 最后finally; eventually

215. 期间during; in the course of

216. 评价judge; evaluate; convince

217. 说服persuade

218. 理解understand; comprehend

219. 足够的enough; adequate; ample

220. 忍受bear; stand; put up with;tolerate

221. 弥补make up for; compensate for

222. 挑选choose; select; pick out

223. 总计add up to; amount to

224. 照顾 look after ;take care of; tend; attend

225. 面对;面临face; be faced/confronted with

226. 走(30英里路程)walk/travel (30 miles); cover (30 miles)

227. 有益的good; helpful;beneficial; rewarding

228. 大多数most; the majority of

229. 非常very; greatly; extremely;badly

230. 突然suddenly; all of a sudden

231. 聪明的clever; bright; intelligent; brilliant

232. 显然obvious; apparent

233. 捐赠give...away; donate; contribute

234. 激增increase rapidly; multiply; rocket

235. 一定做be sure/certain to do; be bound to do

236.漂亮的beautiful; pretty; attractive; appealing, charming